Working with Netflix!

Netflix has always been a major inspiration of ours. Netflix reported 51 million subscribers as of last year and the Netflix Originals have really taken off for the company including the Series of Unfortunate Events which we were lucky enough to create a matte painting background for one of their episodes. We also have other work on Netflix for the shows The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. To have our work be showcased to such a large audience on the Netflix platform as well as in a Netflix Original has been a dream come true for us.

As a smaller company, working with Netflix and experiencing their company values has been such a key player to our growing relationship. They not only value spoiling their customer, and perfecting their product, but they value diversity, independence and integrity in the workplace. And for Netflix as well as Robot Rumpus, our employees workplace doesn’t have to be an office. Netflix allows their employees to come and go in their office as they please. This independence is very important for the productivity and innovative nature of their company. The same can be said for us, a large majority of our artists actually work from home. For Robot Rumpus, a key value of ours is diversity and empowerment which allows for freedom of thought, expression and diverse perspectives. We work well with Netflix because we share very similar values.

Not only does Netflix open a lot of doors for our company, it really showcases a really unique form of FX that we specialize in. Our company saying is "Old school digital art, new school visual effects." This explains the way we do art which we will touch on in our next blog! But for now, we are very excited to see what's to come with Netflix!


Yasmin Dunn