About Our CEO Yasmin Dunn

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Today we want to introduce you to a pivotal individual at Robot Rumpus: Yasmin Dunn. She is not only incredible at what she does, but she is someone who embodies the values that we hold so important in our companies culture. Something that we, at Robot Rumpus, are extremely proud of, is that Yasmin is one of the only CEO’s that is a female woman of color in the VFX industry.

Yasmin was born and raised in LA and spent many years living in Paris working in education, film, and TV production. Upon her return to LA in the late 2000s, she worked for many years as a High School English teacher, administrator, and instructional coach in both public and private schools. This experience took part in teaching her management. Yasmin then decided to change career paths and began running and scaling Robot Rumpus alongside her husband Jason after the birth of her child, who is now five years old.

Click the image to be directed to the POV Website

Click the image to be directed to the POV Website

Besides owning and serving as EP at Robot Rumpus with Jason, she also serves as a member on the Board of Directors for Peace Over Violence(POV), a non-profit organization.

Peace Over Violence, headquartered in Los Angeles, was established in 1971 by pioneering feminist activists, with the vision of becoming a sexual and domestic violence, intimate partner stalking, child abuse and youth violence prevention center. That is exactly what they became. POV is committed to social service, social change and social justice. POV’s innovative programs are comprehensive and include Emergency, Intervention, Prevention, Education and Advocacy services.

Not only is POV incredibly personal to Yasmin’s values and beliefs but because of her dedication to the non-profit, Robot Rumpus donates a percentage of all profit to the cause.

Although Yasmin is incredibly accomplished, she is amazingly humble and kind to everyone that has the pleasure of meeting or doing business with her. This is perhaps her most admirable trait as a CEO that attributes well to the successful trajectory of Robot Rumpus.

Yasmin Dunn