Robot Rumpus is a visual effects media company based in Burbank, CA that specializes in matte painting, visual effects and digital art. With over 20 years of industry experience Robot Rumpus has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients ranging recently from the major Netflix Original Series - Series of Unfortunate Events, to CW's - Vampire Diaries, and even AMC's - The Walking Dead. Being one of the only VFX and special effects companies lead by a female CEO, Robot Rumpus enforces the importance of female leadership and the freedom of self empowerment within it's whole staff. We understand that the key to amazing visual effects lies in artistry.  All of our artists have a background in fine art and computer science, thereby being able to create worlds that are both technically perfect and visually stunning.


when Creative Director and Founder, Jason Dunn, created a short film about a lonely robot.  You could argue that it started years before that when  Jason started drawing cartoons and making super 8 films as a child.  His talent led him to be discovered and mentored by some of the pioneers of modern animation and visual storytelling, Bill Hanna, Frank Thomas and Olli Johnston. 

Robot Rumpus has grown from one guy in his living room to a full service boutique matte painting, visual effects and digital arts company.

Jason met Yasmin, his wife and the Executive Producer of Robot Rumpus years ago on a freelance VFX job. Yasmin left VFX to pursue a career in education only to return to help manage the rapidly growing business.

With two unique backgrounds coming together, they have created a company that prides itself on communication, artistic integrity, and education. We are able to recognize the gifts in all of artists and use that talent to help create a clients' vision.  



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